Cross of the Apostolate

"This Cross will chase away the devil, spread warmth and life, cure souls and bodies, and make many miracles"

- The Promise of Jesus to Blessed Concepción Cabrera de Armida -

A message for today's world:

The Cross Saves!

This is the same message that Christ gave us almost two thousand years ago. In the heart of Mexico, God graciously gave us a symbol, a cross that contains many riches, through a prophet of our times, Concepción Cabrera de Armida (Conchita).

Cross of the Apostolate, save us!

The Big Cross:

Represents human suffering caused by the sins of humanity. Suffering abounds in the world and is meaningless if not offered up to God.

The Heart:

It is the Heart of Jesus, a living and beating heart. We find this Heart hidden in the midst of human suffering. It gives meaning and value to our suffering. Our sorrows and sufferings are caused by the sins of humanity, but Jesus takes them and transforms them into a source of grace by uniting them with his own sacrifice.

The Small Cross:

It is the cross of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a cross He carried all his life. It represents the innermost sorrows of his soul, caused by the sins of those who are closest to Him.

The Holy Spirit:

Sheds light on all this mystery and helps us understand and live it with Love.

The Light of Glory:

God the Father, symbolized by the light, surrounds the entire mystery, giving the cross a seal of glory and the promise of resurrection, as He lovingly accepts the sacrifice of Jesus and his Church.