Cross Plaza

A Place of Prayer and Contemplation

Welcome to this place of prayer. Behind our home, we invite you to visit and spend time before the Cross of the Apostolate. This 25-foot cross was dedicated on the 15th of May 1998. This cross is a replica of the original one implanted at the hacienda 'Jesus Maria' San Luis Potosi, México, on May 3rd, 1894. At the base there is a relic from the original.

The Cross of the Apostolate is the symbol of the "Spirituality of the Cross." It is the icon (representation) of a vision described by Blessed Concepción Cabrera de Armida (Conchita). The grace and inspiration she receiv ed led her to share the Spirituality of the Cross with Fr. Felix de Jesus Rougier, who subsequently founded the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. In her writings of 1894 she tells of her vision of this cross:

"I saw a great fire, like white rays of light which were very vivid and brilliant. It was stronger than electrical light. In the center of that light I saw a white dove with its wings spread out. I saw under the dove, in the depths of that great light, a huge cross with a heart in the center of it. This heart had very sharp thorns that surrounded it. It was painful to see the thorns so tightly wrapped around the heart that they were piercing it. This heart had a lance piercing its side, and out of this wound came blood that flowed on the cross. The heart had life. It was beating like a human heart, but it was a glorified heart. It was surrounded by a fire that seemed to glow and sparkle like the fire of a hearth. From the top of the heart came a different type of fire. It was of greater intensity. The flames came out with violence as if coming out of a volcano. As the fire flickered and the flames moved back and forth, a small cross--which seemed to come out of the heart--could be seen. Unexpectedly, in the following two months, the apparitions of this cross multiplied and became more frequent. It was not only in prayer that I found this vision, but it also came to me at any other moment day or night. 'What was this,' I would ask myself, 'what does the Lord want?'"

The next day she received the promises with which Our Lord blessed this symbol of His love: "This Cross of the Apostolate will banish the devil, radiate virtue--of which it is full-- heal souls and bodies, and work many miracles." Little by little, through other means, our Lord began revealing to Conchita the meaning of that vision.

During the last years of his life, Monsignor Luis M. Martinez, Archbishop of Mexico and spiritual director of Conchita wrote this illuminating explanation:

"In this cross we find all the treasures Jesus bestowed on us. If we want to express with words it's magnificent symbolism, we can remember St. Paul in his letter to the Hebrews: 'Christ, who through the eternal spirit offered himself unblemished to God.'(Hb. 9:14). Moved by the Holy Spirit (represented by the dove) Christ offered himself, which is why His heart (symbol of the interior of humans) is shown engulfed in flames. These flames signify the divine love that only the Holy Spirit can give. The Father is represented by the bright light and the clouds behind the cross reminding us that Jesus offered himself to the Father. This cross is a representation of the actual priesthood of Christ. To understand the cross of Jesus, we must understand his priesthood. The priesthood of Christ has, at its heart, the most important element, LOVE; the TOTAL GIVING OF ONESELF and as its ultimate purpose, THE GLORY OF GOD AND SALVATION OF ALL. The priesthood of Christ is the center of the Church, which was instituted to continue His sacrifice and to pass on His gifts. The Church is the center of the new life, of history and of the universe. The Father's single delight is the love of his Son, which is manifested in the obedience that led him to die on the cross. Everything that the Father finds pleasing in his creatures is linked to the priesthood and sacrifice of Christ. If we want to live the priesthood of Jesus, we must be a living replica of this mysterious cross. In union with Jesus, we are called to offer ourselves constantly to the Father. The Holy Spirit can transform us into a living replica of this cross only if we are moved by a love that is poured into our hearts. The Cross of the Apostolate, with all its symbolism, is the summary of our spirituality."

Remember these words from our Lord to his Disciples: "As you go, make this proclamation: 'The kingdom of heaven is at hand.' Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, drive out demons; without cost you have received; without cost you are to give" (Mt 10:7-8).

May you always be instruments through whom the Lord shares the blessings of the Cross of the Apostolate especially to your families, friends and spiritual leaders.